About Us

iMeetzu is a unique website that combines the idea of randomly meeting and chatting with someone one-on-one (like Chatroulette, Omegle, and Camzap) with a social network / free online dating / friend finder site (similar to Badoo). This allows you have additional interesting conversations with your favorite random chat contacts, as well as check out their profiles and learn more about them, without having to divulge your real name and other private details like you would have to with Facebook. Thus, we have taken multiple great concepts and put them together to create the ultimate site where you can make friends online and not worry about your privacy. Note: Due to privacy concerns we no longer allow the publishing or storing of chat logs.

But who are "we"? Well if I told you I'd have to kill you, but I suppose we can give you a brief synopsis....eventually. For now we're just two dudes, and I know you hoped I would say two hot chicks, but seriously, hot chicks have better things to do than make pieces of garbage like this website. Edit: Ok, here's the brief synopsis:

Management Team:

Aaron - Co-Founder of iMeetzu. Ultimate web guru. Aaron's Meetzur profile.
When asked for any sort of biographical information Aaron merely sneers and says, "To know is to know that you don't know what you don't know and you know what you know, and you sir, do not know - OWNED!" However, he did mention that he likes sushi.

Josh - Co-Founder of iMeetzu. Ultimate webmaster. Josh's Meetzur profile.
Born in the wild amongst the penguins of Antarctica, Josh has experienced life in one of its most taxing senses. When a solar powered laptop with satellite internet connection paratrooped to his feet, he took it up as a hobby so as to deter the penguins from always nagging him to take shots of vodka. When all the penguins died from liver disease, Josh had no reason to stay in Antarctica, so he asked the nearest group of people partying on a boat with T-Pain for a ride to somewhere where the drink of choice was whiskey.


iMeetzu is part of Wired Web, Inc., a company founded (July 2007) and owned by Josh and Aaron. The company also includes games (www.WordWarGame.com) and other miscellaneous ventures.

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